Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New mammal for Puente Hills: Long-tailed weasel

The same yard that brought us the bobcat photo below produced a long-tailed weasel in February 2007, photographed here carrying what appears to be a Norway rat.

The weasel was listed as "potentially occurring" in the Resource Management Plan, and is probably an uncommon resident throughout the Puente-Chino Hills. They are somewhat like ground-squirrels, but are much slimmer, with distinctive dark facial markings. Weasels are most often seen alone, in brushy areas near water (when they are seen at all). They live in burrows excavated by other animals, and are most active at night.

Anyone else ever see a weasel in the hills?

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Jeff Allison said...

We've lived in La Habra Heights since 2000 and occasionally see a long-tailed weasel in the yard. We don't get many good looks, but I saw him just the other day and managed a few photos. I'm still a film guy, but when I get them developed I'll scan the pics and post them.

So yes, there are weasels in the hills!