Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bobcat, La Habra Hts.

A bobcat was observed and photographed on the morning of Aug. 15 near the intersection of Citron Rd. and Reposado Dr. in La Habra Heights. It was carrying a squirrel, possibly an California ground-squirrel (right).

The bobcat is an uncommon resident of the Puente Hills, occurring in a wide variety of habitats. They are active day and night, and are often seen walking along roads and trails, or stalking rodents on grassy hillsides. Like mule deer (and unlike coyotes), they rarely occur more than about a half-mile from large patches of open space. (Additionally, I observed a bobcat on Aug. 14 on Habitat Authority land east of Colima Rd.).


La Habra Heights said...

Uncommon BS, I have two living in my backyard in La Habra Heights so frequent are the sightings that they pose for pictures now. A mountain lion also makes photo opps.

Add the eagles sightings and La Habra Heights is becoming a Wilidland Preserve

Want to buy?

Dan Cooper said...

I would consider coyotes and deer "common" and bobcat and weasel to be "uncommon". You may have them in your yard, but that doesn't mean they're everyday sightings elsewhere in the hills.

Try to get a photo of the eagles you mention. Are you sure they aren't Red-tailed Hawks or Turkey Vultures? Golden Eagle is very rarely observed in the hills.

The Heights said...

I've been living in the Heights for 30 years and have seen it all. As far as the bobcats, they've been around forever. In fact, I just got a game camera for Christmas and the second night out, I have a couple of pictures of one in my front yard. I've also had weasel problems. They've killed many of my small birds and I've caught a few. In fact, I see one around during the day every once in a while. I've even had a mountain lion leap in front of my car while pulling into my driveway.

Ant said...

Oh boy. I can't wait to see them. So far, only deers and coyotes. There are gophers underground too.