Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Puente Hills are a beautiful place….so let’s keep it that way!

One of the great perks of my position with the Habitat Authority is being able to explore the various trails of the Puente Hills. These hills are a great resource to people, and will remain that way as long as that resource is respected and people act responsibly. A few weeks ago I was hiking the Coyote and Ahwingna Trails in the Hacienda Hills and I came across multiple acts of vandalism. Unfortunately it is all too common to find our trail signs and other structures sprayed with paint. As bad as that is, at least those things are relatively easy to replace or cover up. However, the acts of vandalism that I witnessed were to trees and shrubs, including tagging all over the trunks of several oak trees. What was once a beautiful tree is now lost forever.

For anyone that hikes, bikes, and rides horses in the hills, please report any acts of vandalism that you witness in progress. Do not make any effort to approach individuals or try to stop them. However, you can call our emergency number at (562) 698-1446 anytime to report people in the act of vandalizing, or any other illegal activity on Habitat Authority lands. Please help us to keep the hills beautiful. Thank you!

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