Friday, May 23, 2008

Spring color in the hills.

With the rainfall that the region has received this season, Southern California (including the Puente Hills) has seen a vibrant splash of spring color from wildflowers. Although the annual wildflowers have been fading out, particularly through the recent stretch of hot weather, there is still plenty of color to be seen on the trails within the Puente Hills. Whether it is the striking red flowers of the southern pink ('pink' referrring to the plant family name...also the same family as carnations), the vibrant petals of the golden yarrow, or the creamsicle orange flowers of the bush (or sticky) monkey-flower, there is still much to see.

The Puente Hills are also home to several rare plant species, including the southern California black walnut, Catalina mariposa lily, and Plummer's mariposa lily. The mariposa lilies are in flower right now among higher ridgelines along our trails, with the Plummer's mariposa lily in the midst of its blooming period (see photo). Although the walnut trees do not offer colorful flowers, their presence among the rolling hills along Powder Canyon are breathtaking, whether mixed in with scattered coast live-oak trees, or in woodlands by themselves. Enjoy!

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