Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring returnees

Yesterday, while out doing a site visit to the restoration sites at the former Unocal parcel (between Colima Rd. and Hacienda Blvd.), a flock of about 10 Violet-green Swallows blasted overhead, heading west along the spine of the hills. These are early-returning birds which winter in Mexico and nest in the local mountains (and throughout the West).

Also present along Arroyo San Miguel was a small group of Purple Finches, probably feeding in the recently-sprouted willows. I don't remember seeing one all winter in the hills, so these may have just moved in (or maybe I've just missed them).

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Tom said...

Can you give me a contact for Puente Hills??

Have you seen the Bald Eagle in the Whittier Narrows and ridges??

Do you know of the proposed housing project on top of Montebello Hills??

Do you/PHN want to comment on the project - 27 Feb08 is closing date for comments on the proposed EIR??

If you are interested, give reply - and 323-528-9682....